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What is Probate / Letters of Administration

Probate is the Supreme Court of Queensland's official recognition of a Will as legally valid.

In Queensland, a 'Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, is an official recognition by the Supreme Court of Queensland, of the right of a personal representatives to administer the estate of someone who has passed away.

It is not always necessary to obtain Probate or Letters of Administration to enable the estate of a deceased person to be administered. But you'll find that each financial institution has its own policy as to what amount they will release to an estate without requiring a Grant of Probate.

At David Grant and Associates, we know that losing someone you love is never easy and that dealing with an estate can be confusing and overwhelming at the best of times, let alone when your having to also dealing with a string of emotions .

We have the right team on hand of experienced and compassionate solicitors who can guide you through the process and show you how to put the pieces back together.

Why not contact us today to discuss your Probate or Letters of Administration.

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