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Meet the TEAM

Helping you when it comes to putting the pieces together is always paramount. But being there when you need us the most, is just as important!

Eddie Bien - Legal Practitioner + Director

Sometimes it takes a caring, understanding ear to help when you need it the most. This is often the way when it comes to professionally handling legal matters!

Tracey Anderson - Legal Practitioner

Conveyancing is like music to my ears. I love helping and hearing from people when it comes to buying their first home, and the feeling stays strong even when it's their third!

Jodie Hughes - Conveyancing Paralegal

As a mum and DGA team member, I understand the importance of having the right support behind you. My goal is to make sure your legal matter is equally supported!

Louise Carney - Conveyancing Assistant

Family means the world to me! My grandkids are my 'everything' and they bring a smile to my soul, and I strive to be the best example in life I can for them!

Jennifer Atterton - Paralegal

Just like a cat, I always seem to land on my feet. But most importantly, I always remember how I fell, so I can become stronger, wiser and resilient to the challenges in life!

Jordan Bien - Paralegal

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