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Looking to start up a business in Australia?

On average, Australians have been found to spend anywhere between $3,000 - $5,000 on starting their small business. Depending on the business structure and industry, some small business owners are paying up to $10,000. So, before you go spending up big, it pays to get the right advice and direction first!

When it comes to a business start-up you need to be aware of some of the legal obligations that are required here in Australia.

These can include the registration of business names, setting up the business structure and trustees (if registering a company), employment contracts, business leases and many more.

The team of expert solicitors at David Grant & Associates are all trained professionals who can guide you through every step of the start-up process. Or if you prefer, we can collate and organise all the relevant documents and paperwork and then contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss all the details and sign the documents – the choice is yours!

So why not call or reach out to them today to discuss further -

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