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Solicitor versus Lawyer - what's the difference?

For years people have labelled those in the legal profession with a series of nicknames and titles. Justice Junkie, Legal Luvvie, Sentence Seller, Plea Peddler, Legal Eagle, Judgement Jockey! But have you ever stopped for a moment to ask, what's the difference between a Solicitor and a Lawyer?

Here in Australia, the title of lawyer is a broad term given to be someone who is qualified to provide legal advice and someone that has been admitted to the legal profession as a barrister or solicitor.

The term 'lawyer' often gets used by many nowadays to describe both barristers and solicitors.

Whereby, the term 'solicitor' is also a lawyer, however they are involved in the day to day management of your case. Your solicitor will be responsible for your initial appointment, receiving instructions, providing advice, drafting letters, any court documents that your case may require as well as everyday legal matter and affairs. They are also responsible for an array of legal obligations and duties, and can provide clients with advice or a plan for handling virtually any legal issue. A solicitor will also have an in-depth portfolio of barristers that, if required, will have the expertise to run your case in Court.

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